Smartphones may offer vital mhealth services to new mothers

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Women living in inner-city areas could receive important assistance when they are pregnant or have a new baby. A recent study has shown that smartphones are proving to be a very helpful mhealth tool for pregnant women and new moms who are living in urban areas and who are struggling financially. These women often don’t receive the level of health care that they require, says the research. The study, which was conducted by Johns Hopkins, went so far as to call mhealth tools via smartphones “change agents” for interventions in…

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Mhealth tools employed regularly by 51 percent of doctors

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Research is showing that more than half of all physicians are using tablets for mobile health. According to a survey that has been conducted by Kantar Media, tablets are becoming the tablet of choice for doctors as more than half of them are reporting that they use mhealth tools on a regular basis. These hand held and convenient computers are being used for a number of different mobile health purposes. Doctors that participated in the survey reported that they were using mhealth over tablets for reasons such as reading the…

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Mhealth wanted by one in three patients


According to the results of a recent study, one third of people would like to communicate with their doctors over mobile. A new poll conducted by HealthDay and Harris Interactive has shown that owners of smartphones and tablets are already keen to use mhealth services over those devices in order to help them to interact with their physicians. However, the demand for mobile health services is outpacing the number of providers ready to offer. Though many patients are already using their smartphones for sending messages and finding useful information online,…

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Mhealth study in Brazil shows tech can help the poor

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Researchers have found that this technology can be very helpful to people living in the slums of Rio. A study conducted in Rio de Janeiro has now shown that using mhealth technology for monitoring patients who are living in poor urban neighborhoods can help to increase the access that those individuals have to healthcare services while decreasing the amount of spending required to provide that care. The study was conducted in one of the city’s hillside “favela” slum regions using the latest technology. The New Cities Foundation conducted the research,…

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Mhealth apps face heavy scrutiny by young adult users

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This demographic appears to be picker about the applications that they will use for their health. According to an article that was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, mhealth app developers should take several valued characteristics and features into consideration as they create their products, particularly when they want young adults to be willing to use them. The reason is that young adults are far more selective about the apps of this nature that they will use. The article explained that “There is increasing interest from academics and…

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