Mhealth market in the Asia Pacific region receives important boost

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Investments from governments across the APAC countries are helping these programs to grow. According to the results of a recent analysis of the Asia Pacific (APAC) region’s mhealth marketplace, the market’s value grew to $7.9 billion, last year, due to investments from governments in that area. The report on the analysis showed that the largest telemedicine revenue contributor was from mobile health. The analysis was conducted by Frost & Sullivan. It showed that mhealth contributed the most of all the telemedicine forms, in 2012, to the $44.6 million in revenues…

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Mhealth to provide assistance in Haiti initiative

mobile health clinics program

Health eVillages has launched a new mobile based effort in the impoverished nation to provide training. The global mhealth program called Health eVillages has just launched a new program that is designed to provide the people in Haiti with a boost of desperately needed healthcare services. The new program was just unveiled by the Marlborough, Massachusetts based organization. The program is called Health eVillages College Outreach (HERO). The organization, itself, was purchased around two years ago by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, and by Donato…

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