mHealth has the confidence of 96 percent of patients

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The vast majority of survey participants expressed that they feel that this technology will improve their lives. The results of a Research Now Group Inc. survey have now been released, and they have shown that nearly all patients are optimistic enough about mhealth that they feel that it will provide an improvement to their lives. The research involved the participation of 500 healthcare experts as well as 1,000 users of mobile health apps. What this study determined was that 46 percent of the medical professionals who responded to the survey…

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The mhealth market will grow by 47.6 percent by 2020

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This, according to an analysis that has been published by Grand View Research on the global marketplace. Grand View Research has released a report that predicts that the global market value for mhealth will rise by a CAGR of 47.6 percent from where it was in 2014, to where it will be by the close of 2020. This would suggest that by that final year of the forecast, the mobile health industry will be worth $49.1 billion. The primary category within the mhealth market is expected to remain as monitoring…

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Mhealth to see staggering growth in device market

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Lux Research has released a report that indicates that by 2023, mobile health devices will reach $41.8 billion. According to the data that has been released in a recent report, the market for mhealth devices will be experiencing considerable growth by 2023, which will be driven by a massive demand for gadgets that will monitor vital signs, as well as in vitro diagnostic devices. The report showed that by the time that year has come to a close, the mobile health device market will reach $41.8 billion. This report was…

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Mhealth apps recommended by 1 in 3 doctors

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A survey has shown that more than a third of physicians like mobile health applications for their patients. Manhattan Research has recently released the outcome of a survey that it conducted with the participation of 3000 doctors, and which showed that over one third of them have recommended the use of mhealth apps to their patients within the previous year. That said, many of those doctors made recommendations of specific applications that they preferred. The Manhattan Research vice president of research, Monique Levy, explained that about the same number of…

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Mhealth Alliance headquarters is moving to South Africa

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This change in location is meant to help the organization to boost its projects in sub-Saharan Africa. The mHealth Alliance, a global organization that helps to promote mobile health solutions in areas that stand to benefit from it the most, has recently announced that it will be changing the location of its headquarters to South Africa. Until now, the group has always called the United States home. The intention is to change its base in the United States, where it is currently situated with the United Nations Foundation, to South…

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Mhealth services remain untried by 90 percent of U.K. adults

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This, according to the results of a new study that have recently been released. New research conducted by Pintsent Masons – a legal firm – in conjunction with YouGov has now been completed and the results have been released to show that when it comes to mhealth services, a massive 90 percent of adults in the United Kingdom have never even tried them once. This is the case despite the fact that the research took established apps into consideration. The survey determined that before being provided with the definition of…

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Mhealth to be a Pfizer priority

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The pharmaceutical industry giant is now calling for a focus on the mobile health sector. The mhealth sector of the industry has been growing at a tremendous rate on many different levels and now Pfizer has announced that it is throwing its hat in the ring because it will help to provide for the aging populations in developing countries. The company has declared that this will be the most powerful tool for assisting these people around the world. The announcement from Pfizer is that it believes that mhealth can become…

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Mhealth market to blossom to $20.7 billion

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A new research forecast has predicted that mobile health will reach that size by the end of 2018. A research report announcement from Markets and Markets has revealed a new prediction that has placed the current size of the worldwide mhealth market at $6.6 billion, which will blossom to $20.7 billion by the close of 2018. This will represent a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.5 percent. This Markets and Markets report has also suggested that the primary driving forces behind the growth of the mhealth market will be…

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Mhealth is being held back in countries with outdated privacy laws

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This struggle with national regulations regarding the security of private data – or lack thereof – is becoming a barrier. Although mhealth apps and devices are proving to have a great deal of potential, particularly in countries around the world with a significant rural population and without a large medical services and care system, as is the case in many African nations. The lack of regulations for the governance of patient data privacy, however, is proving troublesome. According to a recent report created by TrustLaw Connect, some patients may begin…

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Mhealth market growth to reach $26 billion


A new report on the latest trends in mobile health is underscoring the tremendous increase in this sector. A new trends report has been released by Research and Markets which has shown that the mhealth industry is currently climbing at a tremendous rate and is headed for even more explosive growth. The report suggested that there will be a 61 percent growth rate by the year 2017. At that rate, the mhealth market will have reached a value of $26 billion that year. The researchers behind the report believe that…

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Mhealth system from NZ to trial in Thailand

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The Vibhavadi Hospital is about to pilot a program to test its effectiveness for its employees and patients. A recent announcement has just revealed that the mHealth +3 platform from Vensa Health will now be tested by the Vibhavadi Hospital in Bangkok as a part of a trial of the New Zealand company’s system which is supposed to be able to generate millions in annual savings through the considerable reduction in missed appointments. Patients will be able to use text messages in order to confirm appointments, making sure that there…

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