Mobile health initiative raises funds through recycled phones

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The used devices have been used to build up money to support programs in 20 countries worldwide. A nonprofit organization called Hope Phones, which operates mobile health programs in twenty countries around the world has started a cell phone recycling program that is helping the group to be able to generate funds to continue their humanitarian work. The program is designed to not only provide money for a worthy cause, but also reduce cell phone waste. The Hope Phones organization was created to help to support the mobile health efforts…

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Mhealth project to provide assistance to regions of New Zealand

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The people of Otago and Southland will soon be benefitting from this new initiative in their areas. A new initiative using mhealth technology has been designed to provide assistance across the regions of Otago and Southland in order to better bring together General Practice and the patients for whom they are providing care. The new system is meant to provide a number of services directly to the patient in order to ensure better care. Southern PHO, with Southern DHB’s support, has contracted a company named Vensa health in order to…

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