Mhealth use may assist in heart disease prevention

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Mobile health technology could help patients to be able to reduce their risks of cardiovascular illness. A new statement released by the American Heart Association (AHA), which was published in the Circulation journal has shown that mhealth technologies may be able to help to enhance the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD). This may occur as a result of being able to target certain types of lifestyle behaviors conducive to CVD prevention. The publication was authored by Lora E. Burke, Ph.D., from the University of Pittsburgh. Burke and her colleagues looked…

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Mhealth to see staggering growth in device market

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Lux Research has released a report that indicates that by 2023, mobile health devices will reach $41.8 billion. According to the data that has been released in a recent report, the market for mhealth devices will be experiencing considerable growth by 2023, which will be driven by a massive demand for gadgets that will monitor vital signs, as well as in vitro diagnostic devices. The report showed that by the time that year has come to a close, the mobile health device market will reach $41.8 billion. This report was…

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Mhealth to benefit from newly proposed FDA regulations

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A new rule has been recommended in the Federal Register, which would change mobile health technology classifications. The Food and Drug Administration has now proposed a new rule within the Federal Register which would make changes to the way that it would classify mhealth devices, which could be quite beneficial to that industry. The proposed rule would make it easier for the agency to classify a mobile medical device. Should this become the rule, it will be simpler for the FDA to be able to classify mhealth devices under 2012’s…

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Mhealth takes center stage with Google contact lenses

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These mobile devices may allow diabetics to measure their glucose levels through their tears. Google has just made mhealth headlines with its unveiling of a prototype for a lens that can be implanted into the eye and that could measure the glucose levels in the body of a person who has diabetes. These mobile devices are made out of a soft contact material and will reduce the need for pricked fingers. Wearable gadgets have burst their way into the mobile scene, and have opened up a tremendous number of doors…

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mHealth is a top focus at CES 2014


This year, the Consumer Electronics Show has a considerable focus on mobile health apps and tech. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has now started and it has already become clear that there has been a considerable shift in the focus of technology trends, particularly when it comes to mobile, as there are a number a new growth markets being introduced to the mainstream, such as mhealth, medical technology, and mobile health applications. Much of this has to do with wearable gadgets that consumers can use for fitness, among other purposes.…

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