FDA to fast-tack its review of unique potassium screening mHealth device

mHealth anemia detection app - Needle - Blood - Syringe

AliveCor has designed a device that can detect dangerously high levels of potassium. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has given “Breakthrough Device” status to a potassium screening mHealth device developed by California-based medical device company AliveCor. The company’s KardiaK mHealth platform has been created to analyze ECG readings to detect dangerously high level of potassium in a person’s blood, without the need to draw blood. The digital health tools is designed to detect hyperkalemia. Hyperkalemia is an elevated level of potassium, a mineral and electrolyte, in your blood.…

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Mhealth grants to be issued by the NIH


The National Institutes of Health are now hoping to boost research and tools geared toward improved communication. A pair of grants is now being offered by the National Institutes of Health in order to help to encourage research and creation of mhealth tools that will help to improve the communication between patients and their medical providers. The goal is to increase the adherence of patients to the recommendations made by their doctors. The NIH is hoping that with these grants, they will be able to send mhealth solutions into the…

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mHealth scanner similar to Star Trek tricorders pursued

mhealth star trek

A $10 million prize has been offered to the creators of a mobile device similar to the currently fictional device. What was once technology that was available exclusively in science fiction is now being sought in real life in the form of an mhealth device that could become available here on Earth in the not too distant future. There are now thirty four teams of entrepreneur teams seeking to discover a real version of a Star Trek device. The reason that these researchers from nine different countries are currently putting…

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Mhealth will play a central role in boosting European healthcare

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The rollout of the new mobile healthcare technology across the countries of the EU could save billions. According to a new GSMA report, a by the year 2017, the newly rolled out mhealth technology throughout the European Union could reduce healthcare costs by as much as €99 billion. This mobile tech stakeholder group produced the findings along with PwC. Savings of this level from mhealth will be exceptionally and increasingly important as populations continue to rise and to age among the E.U. countries, and as the number of people suffering…

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Mhealth project to provide assistance to regions of New Zealand

mhealth mobile app

The people of Otago and Southland will soon be benefitting from this new initiative in their areas. A new initiative using mhealth technology has been designed to provide assistance across the regions of Otago and Southland in order to better bring together General Practice and the patients for whom they are providing care. The new system is meant to provide a number of services directly to the patient in order to ensure better care. Southern PHO, with Southern DHB’s support, has contracted a company named Vensa health in order to…

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