Mhealth to be a Pfizer priority

mobile health clinics program

The pharmaceutical industry giant is now calling for a focus on the mobile health sector. The mhealth sector of the industry has been growing at a tremendous rate on many different levels and now Pfizer has announced that it is throwing its hat in the ring because it will help to provide for the aging populations in developing countries. The company has declared that this will be the most powerful tool for assisting these people around the world. The announcement from Pfizer is that it believes that mhealth can become…

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Mhealth has the potential for massive impact in Mexico and Brazil

mhealth apps mobile technology

A report has just been released which suggests that those countries could see tremendous benefits from the tech. According to the latest report from the GSMA (GSM Association), over 40 million more patients in Mexico and Brazil will be able to receive treatment between now and 2017, as a result of mhealth services. The report was created in conjunction with PcW in order to look into mobile technology and healthcare. The GSMA report stated that mhealth services could help15.5 million people in Mexico and 28.4 million people in Brazil to…

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Mhealth technology used to help mothers in Bangladesh

mobile health pregnant expectant mothers

The use of cell phones has now been implemented to assist expectant moms. In Bangladesh, expectant mothers can now take advantage of mhealth benefits through the use of their cell phones, in a program that allows them to use SMS text messaging to help to combat the high risk in the region from both maternal and infant mortality. Many expectant mothers don’t know what steps they should be taking for medical care, but these programs help. It isn’t uncommon for them to be completely unaware of the fact that it…

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Mhealth pilot programs have to show they’re valuable

mhealth industry

A recent study showed that mobile health initiatives need to show their worth to stakeholders. The results of a study performed by a consulting firm based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, called Cutting Edge Information, has revealed that mhealth pilot programs can be highly beneficial to healthcare groups, as long as they have an endpoint that is clearly identified. When a pilot program is capable of showing the value of a program, stakeholders are far more interested. Though this should not come as much of a surprise, it does…

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