Mhealth receives support from EU Commission

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The hope is that it will become very helpful part of the treatment of chronic diseases. In a considerable effort to slash health care costs, the E.U. Commission is now placing its support behind the use of eHealth and mHealth technologies and applications, particularly when it comes to their uses for the treatment of chronic illnesses. The European Commissioner for Health has now made a call for an improved use of technology in the sector. The Commissioner, Tonio Borg, is hoping to be able to promote an improved use of…

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QR codes will be central to mobile health apps

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The medical industry is watching smartphones become a mainstream part of business. Mhealth has been taking off rather explosively around the world as mobile apps, devices, and services all provide additional capabilities, access, and convenience to patients and providers, alike, and with the addition to QR codes to printed scripts, it is clear that the uses are becoming quite mainstream Mobile health apps are giving the industry the ability to considerably expand its reach and capabilities. The mhealth industry is discovering many different uses for mobile commerce tools, and this…

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Mhealth is enhancing doctor and patient interaction

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Through the use of mobile health technology, the collaboration is notably improving. Among the many determinations that were made at the most recent Mobile Healthcare Summit, the ability to use mhealth technology is giving patients and doctors an improved opportunity for interaction. This is helping to make healthcare more cooperative and could give patients a better opportunity for health. According to one of the participants in the summit, Dr. Kendall Ho, the eHealth strategy office director at the faculty of medicine at UBC, and who is also among those who…

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Mhealth services remain untried by 90 percent of U.K. adults

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This, according to the results of a new study that have recently been released. New research conducted by Pintsent Masons – a legal firm – in conjunction with YouGov has now been completed and the results have been released to show that when it comes to mhealth services, a massive 90 percent of adults in the United Kingdom have never even tried them once. This is the case despite the fact that the research took established apps into consideration. The survey determined that before being provided with the definition of…

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Mhealth is already taking off worldwide in 2014

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The expansion of mobile healthcare technology is occurring very quickly this year. Recent reports have been showing that the expectations for this year’s mhealth technologies and resources is expected to be extremely broad and rapid, and this has already been shown to be accurate as tech shows and events include a broader number of health related gadgets and programs among their offerings and presentations. This sector of mobile development has already been seeing some broad growth, but this year is expected to take off. Many predictions are being put forward…

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