Meta VR headsets vulnerable to “inception attacks”

VR headsets - Security Vulnerability

These device attacks can trap users in an artificial virtual reality environment. Researchers examining the Meta VR headsets have identified a possible major security vulnerability, according to a recently published study. The virtual reality security researchers were part of a University of Chicago team The research team discovered a way that the Meta Quest VR headsets could be hacked without the knowledge of the user. This gave the researchers control over the VR environment of the user, through which they could not only steal data but also manipulate the way…

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Mozilla announces virtual reality Firefox’ retirement

Virutal Reality & Augmented Reality Tech

The company has announced that it will be bringing its VR and AR web browsers to an end. Mozilla has announced that it is retiring both its augmented and virtual reality web browsers, Firefox Reality. Mozilla has instead chosen to relaunch this experience under a new name using an external team. Igalia, a free software consultancy, is the outside team that is working on developing an augmented and virtual reality browser. The team will use the Firefox Reality’s underlying source code. Their goal is to launch a comparable AR/VR browser…

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