Augmented reality used to develop new vehicles

augmented reality in cars

Mercedes-Benz turns to augmented reality to develop 2013 GL-Class Mercedes-Benz has been taken a significant step in revolutionizing the auto industry with its adoption of hydrogen fuel cells. Though the automaker has an unerring enthusiasm for fuel cells, it is beginning to expand its use of other technologies, especially those that may assist in the development of new vehicles. For the first time in automotive history, a mixed reality development tool, which is comprised of augmented reality and other interactive technologies, was used by the automaker to develop the new…

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Mercedes-Benz introduces new augmented reality system called DICE

Augmented Reality Video5

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, may have come to an end, but people are still talking about the innovative products they saw at the event. Augmented reality made a strong showing at the show, with many developers showing off their latest social media and marketing products that use the technology. Mercedes-Benz offered a different approach to the technology that did not involve using augmented reality in marketing at all. At the event, the automaker introduced their new Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience, livingly referred to as…

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Mercedes-Benz enters the mobile augmented reality market with new app

Augmented Reality car

Mercedes-Benz has joined the growing number of automakers that are developing mobile augmented reality applications. Automakers are showing interest in the technology because it opens up a new avenue of consumer engagement. Because of the widespread use and ownership of smart phone, the mobile application market has proven to be more than just a passing fancy for consumers. Today, companies not developing mobile apps may be missing a major opportunity. The manufacturer has developed an app for the iOS and Android platforms that allows smart phone users to take virtual…

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