Augmented reality may have a future in medicine

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AR continues to gain attention as a practical medical tool Augmented reality is well on its way to establishing itself as a premier medical tool. The technology has long been considered little more than a gimmick used to entice consumers and provide entertaining digital content to people with smartphones and tablets. AR has recently been seeing more practical uses, however, especially when it comes to the medical field. Doctors are beginning to take AR more seriously and utilize the technology in surgeries and in providing patients with more detailed information…

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Augmented reality aids in successful surgery

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Surgical team leverages augmented reality for procedure A surgical team from the University of Alabama at Birmingham has successfully conducted their first procedure using augmented reality and Google Glass. The augmented reality software used by the team was developed at the university itself and is called Virtual Interactive Presence in Augmented Reality (VIPAAR). The technology is designed for real time, two way communication, but the surgical team has shown that it can be used for much more than that. AR is becoming more practical The practicality of augmented reality is…

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Doctors use augmented reality to perform surgery

Augmented reality in art

German surgeons perform surgery with the help of augmented reality Surgeons from the Asklepios Hospital on Hamburg-Barmbek, Germany, have successfully performance liver surgery with the help of an iPad and an augmented reality application. While this may not register as a major medical breakthrough, it does show that augmented reality technology is beginning to move away from the field of advertising and entertainment. The technology has been restricted to these two fields for several years due to its aptitude at engaging consumers in a dynamic and interactive way. AR app…

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