Security and privacy are a top concern for retailers in the mobile payments space

Mobile Payment Security

Mobile payments continue to be a challenge for retailers When it comes to mobile payments, retailers are undeniably interested, but they have major concerns that must be addressed before they can show wholesale support for new payment platforms. A new report from  Retail System Research suggests that retailers are more concerned about protecting consumers, and themselves, from fraud than they are about actually accommodating mobile payments. Mobile payment adoption among retailers is expected to slow until security concerns are effectively addressed. Security and privacy are significant concerns for retailers According…

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Impulse is driving mobile commerce in South Korea

Laughing Young Woman Socializing in a Party Setting - mobile commerce

Impulse buying is becoming a major force for those living in South Korea Consulting firm McKinsey has released a report that shows that impulse is driving participation in mobile commerce in South Korea. The report notes that the country’s mobile commerce market has doubled in value every year since 2010. Now, mobile accounts for nearly one-third of all online sales made in the country, making South Korea one of the most attractive mobile markets in the world. The report also notes that consumers are making mobile purchases based on impulse…

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UK mobile payments to reach new heights in the coming years

mobile payments trends

Report shows that mobile will account for a third of all e-commerce sales made in the UK Mobile payments are expected to account for a third of all e-commerce sales made in the United Kingdom in the near future, according to a report from eMarketer. E-commerce has long been a prominent force in the European market, with many consumers showing favor for its convenient nature and the fact that they can find nearly any product they made be interested in on the Internet. The rise of mobile technology has given…

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Mobile commerce continues to grow in India

india mobile commerce

New report predicts exponential growth for mobile commerce in 2015 Mobile commerce is growing quickly in India. Many of the country’s retailers are beginning to invest in the mobile space as a way to engage consumers that are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online and in physical stores. Vizury, a leading marketing and remarketing firm, has released a new report concerning the state of India’s mobile commerce sector. The report shows that the sector is poised to see exponential growth in 2015. Report shows that mobile commerce represents…

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Alibaba finds success in mobile commerce

mobile commerce shopping

Company has posted the results of its first quarter Alibaba, one of China’s largest e-commerce companies, has posted its first quarter results, showing that mobile has played a major role in the company’s overall performance. The mobile sector has been growing in China. More people are gaining access to mobile devices and are beginning to use smartphones and tablets in their daily lives. As such, mobile commerce has emerged as a powerful force in China, and Alibaba has positioned itself to take advantage of this growing sector. Revenue is growing…

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Mobile shopping more likely among men than women

rumor mobile shopping men

A recent report from BI Intelligence has shown that male consumers shop far more often on smartphones and tablets. According to a report that was recently issued by BI Intelligence, when it comes to mobile shopping, it is male consumers who are considerably more likely to actually make a purchase than their female counterparts. This is an important finding, considering the fact that women are typically the target of marketing campaigns. The report showed that women and men shop online at a rate that is quite near to each other.…

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Report highlights trends in the mobile commerce field

Mobile Commerce Marketing Report

New report from yStats identifies trends in global mobile space Market research firm yStats has released a new report titled “Global M-Commerce 2014: Smartphones and Tablets.” The report sheds light on some of the new trends that are affecting the mobile shopping space. Notably, the report suggests that mobile shopping is having a major impact on the global retail industry. Mobile traffic to retail websites is on the rise and more retailers are beginning to feel the need to cater to an audience that is primarily mobile-centric. Tablets are beginning…

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Digital Currency is the Way of the Future

mobile payment security concerns Digital Currency

Digital currency is beginning to become a defining feature of a new era in technological integration. Mobile devices are everywhere, more people are beginning to shop online rather than at physical stores, and physical currency is quickly losing its appeal as a symbol. Years ago, a person could flash a roll of cash and attract envious gazes. Now, however, the color of a credit card and a smartphone can say more about a person’s financial status that a pile of physical money. Mobile commerce is to blame for this trend.…

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Facebook shows favor for feature with strong mobile commerce potential

Facebook mobile payments

Facebook is set to lay its Gifts service to rest in August Facebook has announced that it will be shutting down its Facebook Gifts service in August. This service had allowed the social network’s users to purchase and trade gift cards from businesses like Starbucks and Fandango. Shutting down the Gifts service will result in no layoffs, as those working on this service will have their attention refocused on Facebook’s Buy initiative. Earlier this month, Facebook unveiled the Buy Button, which is meant to promote mobile and e-commerce. Gifts is…

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Mobile commerce earnings are climbing from optimized websites

online shopping mobile commerce

A new study has shown that the retail revenue increase has been a tremendous 110.2 percent over last year. Leading mobile commerce provider, Branding Brand, has now released its Index for June 2014, and it has included considerable insight regarding the sales and revenues over this channel. The focus was on the increase in the use of m-commerce by consumers and on global trends. The Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index for 2014 showed looked into consumer behaviors when shopping with their smartphones, as well as worldwide trends about the traffic…

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The Future of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce Future

Mobile commerce has become a powerful force in the business world. Smartphones are the most widely used electronic device in the world, so it was only a matter of time before commerce began to evolve to become more mobile-centric. As mobile technology continues to grow more prolific, new commerce structures are being formed to support the use of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. This will have a major impact on various business sectors and those that are unwilling to adapt could become a footnote in history, if not forgotten entirely.…

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