Mcommerce company becomes first to receive Restoration Alpha Angels support

mobile commerce growth

The paythru payments platform has raised significant investment through the network. Paythru, an mcommerce firm that provides a mobile payments platform, has become the first to raise funds through the Restoration Alpha Angels network of investors. The £700,000 will be used by paythru to help the company increase its efforts for growth. The organization receiving the funds, paythru, is based in Buckinghamshire. It provides a cloud based mcommerce service that allows smartphones and tablets to be used as point of sale devices in order to allow businesses to accept digital…

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Fiksu report shows app downloads up and mobile marketing costs way down

Mobile Commerce

Fiksu Inc. has released a report that has shown a significant drop in the costs associated with mobile marketing from January 2012, reaching the lowest point that has occurred since July 2011. This company is the first platform for mobile user acquisition in the industry that spans the entire mobile environment. It also indicated that app downloads for Apple’s iOS devices have spiked significantly since the start of 2012. Though the Fiksu Cost per Loyal User Index saw record highs in December, having reached $1.81, in January, it dropped by…

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Verizon Wireless enters into agreement with three cable companies which may limit consumer choice

Mobile Commerce Industry

Verizon Wireless has announced that it will be entering into an unusual agreement with three large cable companies, and that this may change the way that consumers receive their internet, telephone, and cellular service, as these powerful firms join together over the mobile and home entertainment marketplace. This deal is among companies that have traditionally been rivals and has instantly drawn the attention of regulators, as advocacy groups say that the consortium may limit consumer choice. The new agreement has Verizon paying Bright House Networks, Time Warner, and Comcast a…

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eBay fashion joins the m-commerce marketplace

Ebay m-commerce News

As yet another indicator that m-commerce has gone mainstream, eBay Inc. is now advertising that its fashion branch is available through a mobile app that will allow consumers to perform eBay fashion searches and shop at any time and in any place. eBay has been observing the increasing trend to shop by way of smartphones and isn’t about to miss out on this growing opportunity. The following are some other notable figures about eBay’s entry to mobile. • In the third quarter of 2011, there were three mobile purchases made…

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