Verizon Wireless enters into agreement with three cable companies which may limit consumer choice

Mobile Commerce Industry

Verizon Wireless has announced that it will be entering into an unusual agreement with three large cable companies, and that this may change the way that consumers receive their internet, telephone, and cellular service, as these powerful firms join together over the mobile and home entertainment marketplace. This deal is among companies that have traditionally been rivals and has instantly drawn the attention of regulators, as advocacy groups say that the consortium may limit consumer choice. The new agreement has Verizon paying Bright House Networks, Time Warner, and Comcast a…

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Verifone announces Point acquisition for just over $1 billion

Mobile Payments

Verifone has just announced its acquisition of Point, an alternative payment provider in Europe, in order to expand its ability to offer mobile payment services for retailers and other merchants. Verifone has many different offerings for payment services, but is now focusing on near field communications (NFC) terminals, which would permit customers to use their mobile devices or credit cards to complete payment transactions when they make a purchase at a point of sale. In total, all of the equity and assets at Point were purchased for $816 million, and…

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Google expands features of their recently launched mobile wallet platform

M Payment

Google is bringing new features to their mobile wallet product in the coming months. The company recently launched their Google Wallet platform for NFC-enabled smart phones, hoping to lead the charge toward mobile commerce. Google hopes to entice mobile consumers to adopt their financial tool over those offered by competitors by presenting them with a sleuth of discounts and coupons. This new feature will be called SingleTap, and signals a partnership between Google and several retail companies to bring discounts to consumers. Google’s Wallet uses NFC technology to transform a…

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