Mcommerce site from Mountain Equipment Co-op has stepped it up

mcommerce mountain equipment co-op

The company has taken its extreme sports to a digital level with a new iPhone catalog app. Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), a sports and outdoor equipment retailer that is already recognized for its online innovations, is now stepping up its mcommerce strategy with a new iPhone app that allows users to browse through its product catalog. The company has released this app in time for the holiday shopping season for Apple smartphone users. The mcommerce app, which now allows the company’s customers to shop from their iPhones, was created by…

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Mobile commerce site and app for CVS/pharmacy overhauled

mobile health clinics program

Additional features now available include a pill identifier and a scheduler for immunizations. CVS Caremark Corp, has announced that it has revamped its mobile commerce website as well as its app in order to assist consumers in improving their healthcare management. These updates to the site include an immunization scheduler. The CVS mobile commerce website now gives consumers the opportunity to plan ahead with their immunizations by scheduling them. Though appointments are not necessary, it helps those who enjoy the additional opportunity to be organized. Making an appointment is a…

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Mcommerce company unveils new aggregate local deal app

Mobile Wallets

The startup from Philadelphia has now launched its new application for iOS devices. Clutch, a startup mcommerce company from Philadelphia, has just announced the launch of its first app, which provides consumers with a consolidated shopping, deals, and gifting experience. The free application is currently available only for iOS devices but will soon be available in Android. According to the company, they expect to have the Android mcommerce app available within the next three months. Ned Moore, a co-founder of the company, stated that he and the other co-founders, Dan…

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Mcommerce achievement by Fab shows 56% of Christmas Day sales from apps

This has allowed the company to achieve, and exceed its goals for smartphone shoppers. Fab has just announced that 56 percent of its American online revenue on Christmas Day was from users of its mcommerce apps, which has broken the company’s single day record for the company. Similarly, in Europe, 40 percent of its revenues came from smartphone and tablet shoppers. Mcommerce has become a central element of Fab’s sales strategies. In October, the newly redesigned iOS apps were launched by the company along with a user friendlier, more intuitive…

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Mcommerce experiences their first mobile payment app that allows users to give back

LevelUp app mobile payments

LevelUp makes a splash with their app that allows users to share their savings with their favorite causes. The LevelUp mobile payment app has taken mcommerce to a new and kindhearted level by using the opportunities that it gives its users to save money – through loyalty programs, incentives, and special offers – in order to give to their favorite causes. The Causes program was recently launched to allow users to share their savings in a meaningful way. The app has now become the first mcommerce payment ecosystem which has…

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