McDonald’s launches new augmented reality campaign

McDonald's augmented reality

McDonald’s teams with Metaio to launch augmented reality initiative Fast-food giant McDonald’s has been making an aggressive push into the mobile space. The company has fashioned many of its campaigns to be accommodating to mobile consumers and has even tested NFC-based mobile payments this year. Now, McDonald’s has set its sights on augmented reality. The company has teamed with AR pioneer Metaio to develop a new campaign. This campaign will not be focused on marketing the company’s products, however, as it is meant to raise awareness about the environment. Campaign…

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McDonald’s jumps in at the start of the mobile geotargeted marketing trend


The McDonald’s fast food giant company has started a promotion of its hot beverages to grow its Hot McCafe sales and traffic in-store, through the use of a new mobile ad campaign. The restaurant chain is using mobile ads that are geotargeted to promote the products. They use the iPhone application from Pandora. The ads can identify the location of the smartphone user and tell them the distance to the closest McDonald’s restaurant. The mobile advertisement from McDonald’s informs smartphone users that any hot chocolate or small hot McCafe costs…

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