QR codes taking important place in social media marketing

QR code social media

A wave of new mobile apps are starting to integrate Facebook, Twitter, and barcodes Smartphone marketers are rapidly discovering the power of QR marketing are coming up with innovative new ways to integrate their use with the already recognized strength of the social networks. For example, the Denso Wave Company based in Japan has just selected the QR Blaster app in order to generate the barcodes for Facebook. That application is already being used by many companies and individuals through its web based format, with 45 different options available which…

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Vogue Australia adopts QR codes to reach out to mobile consumers

The print industry continues to acclimate to a world growing more enthralled with technology. Magazine publishers are beginning to realize that they must adapt to this changing world or risk being left behind by consumers. Mobile technology can be intimidating for an industry that has, until very recently, been almost entirely separate from technology. QR codes have, however, provided the industry with a way to break into mobile technology without having to battle the steep learning curve. Vogue Australia has included a QR code in its latest issue, hoping to…

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Jennings Social Media Marketing launches new QR code and SMS service

QR Codes check in

Jennings Social Media Marketing has announced the launch of a new service that will help clients engage mobile consumers through the use of QR codes and SMS messaging. The number of people with smart phones is growing quickly, making it more important for companies to adopt mobile marketing strategies. Jennings, along with other marketing agencies, believes that QR codes are one of the best ways to engage mobile consumers and the new service will give clients hands-on experience with the mobile barcodes. For companies interested in adopting QR codes, Jennings…

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Better Business Bureau levies tips for consumers to protect themselves against malicious QR codes

mobile security smartphone kill switch

The Better Business Bureau of Kansas has taken notice of QR codes and how they can benefit companies in the state. The organization, which forms and upholds standards of business in and out of the state, says that QR codes, if used properly, can have a major impact on how companies market products to consumers. While QR codes are becoming more popular, consumers are still somewhat unfamiliar with the black and white barcodes. In an attempt to help consumers gain some comfort with using the codes, the organization has released…

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QR codes aren’t just for retail

Mobile Marketing

Though QR codes are getting a great deal of attention for their marketing uses by the retail world, non-retail businesses are discovering many of the advantages of this technology, as well. For example, professionals such as accountants, lawyers and insurance agents, are discovering that these codes can be printed in newspaper and magazine ads, in brochures, on business cards, blogs, website, and even T-shirts and other forms of marketing materials. Smartphone and tablet users are rapidly discovering that these tools help them to obtain useful information, to compare prices and…

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Real estate marketers take advantage of quick response codes and mobile apps

Real Estate Mobile Marketing

  Real estate brokers are beginning to take advantage of mobile marketing techniques such as quick response codes (QR codes) and apps in order to help them to sell properties.  As today’s consumers are used to being able to look into their purchases online before they actually fork over their cash – especially in the case of big ticket items – real estate agents and brokers are using this knowledge to better advertise properties and make it easier for potential buyers to find the information they’re looking for.  For example,…

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Mobile commerce: Changing the way we travel

Mobile Marketing Technology

Proving that QR codes are not just for businesses looking to establish themselves in the burgeoning mobile marketing industry, the barcodes are edging out the competition in the travel industry as the favored means of distributing information to travelers. According to Ayan Banerjee of MindTree, an enterprise solutions consulting firm, the future of travel technology lies firmly in the hands of HTML5, NFC, and QR codes. Each offers travelers with a rich media experience and each has their own areas of expertise and appeal. However, Banerjee believes that QR codes…

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New survey shows QR code usage on the rise

A new survey released by MGH Modern Marketing, a full service marketing agency, shows that enthusiasm for QR codes is at an all time high. The codes have displayed their prowess at content distribution since they began seeing extensive use in the U.S. nearly two years ago. Originally developed in Japan, few thought the codes would catch on like they have. Thanks to the widespread use of mobile devices, the codes are now becoming a cornerstone of marketing. MGH’s survey shows that 70% of smart phone users have used, or…

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M Commerce…an industry in motion

New reports released are showing customers prefer and enjoy the use of mobile commerce or otherwise known as m-commerce. Using the mobile phone as a tool for shopping, m-commerce can connect traditional and digital retail which provides great benefits for both consumers and business owners. From the Mobile Marketing Association, Michael Becker who is the North American Managing Director says that mobile commerce is exchanging something that has value with that of a mobile device. Further, he says that mobile has what it takes to connect traditional retail and digital…

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QR codes have a need for speed

On Saturday, high profile car manufacturer Ferrari débuted their latest competitive racer, the Ferrari 458 Italia GT, at a 12-hour Sebring endurance race. The car gained a lot of attention, not just because it was Ferrari’s latest entry in international competitive racing, but also because of the QR code emblazoned on the hood. The code also appears on the Risi Competizione team uniforms. When scanned, the code resolves to the team’s website. The code may have been the high point of the race for Ferrari. Their new F458GT was forced to…

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