JCPenney launched new QR code campaign to boost mobile commerce

JC Penney Mobile Marketing

Earlier this year, retailer JCPenney launched a mobile marketing campaign that made use of QR codes. The company has since grown enamored with the concept of mobile commerce and has continued to expand their use of QR codes. The company has now launched a new website where consumers can shop for clothing and make purchases online using their smart phones. The codes associated with this new site have been embedded in several print publications, such as the magazine Cosmopolitan. With smart phones continuing to show remarkable growth amongst consumers, more…

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JAGTAG’s new groundbreaking QR code analytics promises targeted campaign tactics

JAGTAG Website

The mobile marketing industry is booming. More companies, both big and small, are entering the field, looking to use any advantage they can find to gain a technologic-edge over their competitors. As the advance of smart phones continues to fuel the fire, marketing firms specializing in QR codes, the champions of the mobile marketing industry, are constantly vying for dominance. A clear leader may soon be established as JAGTAG announces their first patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. JAGTAG is a leading multimedia marketing platform that specializes…

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Kodak jumps into the QR code craze

Kodak is expected to make an announcement within the coming days regarding their plans to incorporate QR codes into their marketing efforts. The codes will be put to use on packaging for Kodak’s various products, giving consumers a chance to further interact with the company via the content linked to the codes. The company has already developed mobile sites and videos that will be used with the campaign. QR codes have established their place in marketing as a number of businesses have experienced success through their use. The codes present…

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