The four G’s of today’s market place

Marketing has had to evolve over time to reach their target audience on a level they could relate to. There was the 60’s counterculture, the baby boomers, generation X and now generation y, also known as the millennial generation. Advertising had to evolve with each new generation of consumer. But the millennial generation requires retailers to diversify their approach and keep up with consumers on a virtual, social and mobile level.  In the old days, marketing stayed within a pretty standard mold. They may have changed things up a little…

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Who will win over consumers and marketers alike?

Mobile Marketing Trends

As the field of mobile marketing becomes ever more diverse, new applications are emerging that seek to dethrone the powerful QR codes. Barcode data matrixes have proven themselves to be revolutionary tools for advertisers seeking to engage an audience becoming increasing enthralled with mobile devices. As the devices become more technologically advances, barcodes must adapt in order to keep up with progression. Despite the emergence of newer barcodes, QR codes have shown their perseverance and won’t be going anywhere without a fight. Recently, Google put a halt to their use…

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Everyone should have a little QR code in their daily diet

The food industry is making use of QR codes more these days. Pul Foods, a leading manufacturer of nutritious cereals and snacks, has announced that they will be partnering with Altimo, a software development firm that makes specialized landing pages for businesses. Pul Foods will be using the codes on their packaging and, using Altimo’s software, will construct landing pages that will offer product information and other digital content. Pul Foods will begin using the codes as part of the launch of their most recent snacks. Company CEO, Dr. Deepa…

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