YouTubers Featured On Product Packaging Daily Via QR Code

QR Code marketing campaign for Raw Foods International

Is product packaging with QR Codes the new media distribution network? During the months of April and August, several thousand YouTubers participate in a semi-annual online event called: VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April/August). Raw Foods International, a Miami based manufacturer of natural fruit and vegetable juice blends, is featuring a new VEDA video on their Mango Guarana QR Code everyday in August. Distributed in 42 states and Canada, consumers that scan the QR Code with their smartphone will see something fresh whether they are in the grocery store or…

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What businesses should know before designing an app

Mobile Marketing

The importance of online marketing is becoming so important that business aren’t asking whether or not they should be developing apps as much as they are trying to find out what they should do to ensure that they apps they have decided to develop will be as effective as possible. As the development of a mobile app can be quite an expense, there are several things that a business should know before diving in head first, to make certain that it will bring about downloads and repeat engagements. Mobile marketers…

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TV viewers more likely to scan codes on commercials

QR Codes Television smart TV mobile payments

Mobio Identity Systems, a leading developer of innovative QR code solutions for businesses around the world, has entered into a deal with Shaw Media, a Canadian based broadcasting company, which may change the way Canadians watch TV. Mobio believes that each QR code is a potential point of sale, a notion that Shaw agrees with. The deal means that Shaw Media’s advertisers will begin plastering the codes in their commercials, hoping to entice scans from viewers whose attention is largely held in thrall. Smart phones and mobile devices are everywhere…

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Picking the right wine just got a little easier

QR Code Wine mobile app

Inspired by the success of their contemporaries, more wineries are flocking to QR codes to boost their mobile marketing power. The codes have been gaining traction with vineyards due to their ability to provide engaging content to consumers. Many are taking advantage of the popularity of social media, using the codes to link to their online profiles and make use of social promotion. Despite some industry leaders initially deeming the codes as a marketing phase, they are being won over by their prowess and versatility. J Vineyards & Winery is…

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QR code on the run with local errand service

QR codes have found their way to Kitsap Errand Runner, one of Washington State’s most prominent errand running services. The codes have been growing in popularity in the state and are catching the attention of more people. Part of their appeal lies in their ability to connect consumers directly with businesses, creating a tangible link between the two. Owner of Kitsap Errand Runner, Bryan Garrett, has begun experimenting with the codes after seeing them in advertisements. At first, Garrett had no idea what the codes were. QR codes are, essentially,…

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Bank Audi rolls out first time ever QR code campaign

Bank Audi, Lebanon’s largest bank in terms of both customer deposits and total assets, has long embraced technological advancements, integrating them into their services for the betterment of their customers. They are now turning to QR codes to accomplish this aim with a new interactive service. Bank Audi is the first bank in Lebanon to make use of the codes. The new service targets credit and debit cardholders. Customers can scan the codes which will take them to a mobile website that will let them customize their cards. That is…

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AR Marketing: M-commerce comes in many forms

More and more businesses are using mobile advertising and marketing to reach on the go consumers. Now, we can add one more; Valpak. Best known for the envelopes full of coupons they mail out to people; now they have a mobile, augmented reality application. Valpak is a part of Cox Target Media. Target Media works with customers to develop innovative advertising placement strategies. Target Media uses media evaluation and analysis, detailed market and media research and strategic media planning and placement. Valpak uses the new application to interact with the…

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Mobile Marketing Strategy Conference for 2011 in California

Good news for businesses wanting to learn more about mobile marketing; the Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) is preparing for their 2011Mobile Marketing Strategy conference. This event will take place over a three day period, April 26th through April 28th, in San Francisco California. No matter which area of mobile marketing your interested in, there will be numerous speakers, hands-on workshops, and case studies, all presented by experts in their field of mobile marketing.  This conference will provide valuable information about how your business can benefit from mobile marketing, how…

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Are QR Codes The Golden Egg for Print Media

Technology has caused declines in newspaper revenues like those of which haven’t been seen in decades. With so many people going mobile and advertisers following suit, printed media has taken a hard hit.  Many people are discussing how much longer newspapers will be around; the consensus isn’t good. However, as technology caused much of the decline; technology is also playing a part in the rejuvenation of the printed word. Business Week, Fortune, USA Today and Los Angeles Times, are just a few of the printed media sources that have had…

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Brainstorming new and innovative ways to do business

This year’s SXSW conference has played host to a number of exciting innovations in the mobile technology sector. Mobile technology has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. With the advent of QR codes and other data matrix platforms, smart phones have become a vital part of everyday life. With the rate at which this technology is advancing, it should come as no surprise that nine guys on a bus were able to launch a startup in less than 48 hours. WalkIN is a service that…

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Cool New Red Bull Augmented Reality App Released

Red Bull recently launched an all new augmented reality racing app for iPhone and iPod Touch users which is its first ever mobile gaming app for the said gadgets. The mobile app takes users to newer heights, introducing the newest features in racing games. The Red Bull Augmented Racing that instead of just using a user to play the game, it enables the player to design his own virtual track. Although most racing games allows players to do such, Red Bull does it in a different way. Red Bull cans…

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