QR codes and NFC could threaten Samsung smartphones with malicious code

QR Codes and mobile Security

A single line of coding has been discovered that can wipe the devices back to factory settings. The latest mobile news has shaken some owners of Samsung smartphone devices, as they discover that activities as simple as visiting an mcommerce website, scanning QR codes, or using NFC transactions could be enough to wipe all of the saved data and settings from their devices. The tiny piece of coding is enough to return the phones back to their original status. The malicious coding has so far been reported as being able…

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Safety techniques for the use of QR codes

QR Code

Until a QR code is scanned, there is no way to know for certain where it will redirect a smartphone or tablet user, meaning that there is some risk that unethical individuals will use the barcodes to add a malicious code to the user’s mobile device. Fortunately, there are some ways for concerned mobile device users to protect themselves against website links with malevolent codes and infected app downloads. iPhone users don’t need to worry as heavily, as apps for Apple devices are carefully screened to make sure that their…

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