Mobile Shopping – Is Your Business Ready?

Mobile Commerce

Online shopping is growing fast right now. In fact here in the UK nearly 60% of all consumers have already made at least one purchase on the Internet. Now many of the industry insiders are closely watching the development of mobile shopping. As a growing number of people own smartphones and tablets through which they can browse the Internet on the move, it is expected that a lot of purchases in the near future will be made using such devices. In fact according to recent research commissioned by Baynote some…

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Adobe ceases efforts for mobile Flash


In a serious mobile battle that began back in 2007 when the iPhone was first launched and Steve Jobs announced that Flash could not be rendered on mobile devices due to the energy drain it causes to batteries, Adobe has finally admitted defeat and has stopped trying to pursue a mobile version of Flash. This announcement was made quietly and subtly on a blog post at Adobe. It equally announced that it will be directing its mobile focus on HTML5, instead. HTML5 is the cutting edge web programming language which…

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How Google Commerce Search will improve mobile shopping just in time for the holidays

Tablet t-Commerce

M-commerce is rapidly on the grow, especially in terms of shopping queries originating from mobile devices, and Google Commerce Search will only help to build on that experience. If there is one thing that consumers are demonstrating, it is that shopping and the use of their mobile devices goes hand-in-hand. It is changing the way that people shop, and they are looking for improved tools and resources to make the experience better, simpler and more effective. In this light, experts are recommending that e-commerce sites make a high priority of…

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What makes a website optimized for mobile?

Mcommerce Website statistics

A standard website designed for a laptop or desktop computer has become a common site that most people can recognize. However, many website owners are now discovering that their sites need to be optimized for mobile if they wish to take advantage of that market, and they are wondering what is involved in making those changes. The primary issues involved are that mobile devices are less powerful, have slower internet connections, and have a smaller screen than standard PCs. This means that the layout of the website will need to…

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Think small but go big! Top tips for mobile design…

Mobile Website vs Mobile App

Statistics show that 77 percent of the world’s population owns a mobile device. In 2009 more than half a billion people accessed mobile internet, and usage is predicted to double within five years. Most business owners know how important it is now to have a mobile presence for their business. If you’re new to the mobile web concept, don’t worry; we’ll be covering a few of the basic practical points. If you have a regular website, there are several options and a few basic methods you can use to make…

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