Launch of Vodafone mobile payments service completed in India

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Vodafone announces the completion of M-Pesa launch in India Vodafone, a leading international telecommunications organization, has announced that the roll out of its M-Pesa mobile payments service has been completed in India. The company has been expanding the availability of its mobile commerce service over the past several months. Vodafone is currently considered quite an influential force in the mobile space and intends to see the use of its M-Pesa service see global adoption in the relatively near future. Mobile commerce in India is highly active India is home to…

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Mobile payments options to be offered by Facebook

Facebook mobile payments

The social network giant has nearly obtained the necessary Central Bank of Ireland approval for funds exchange. Facebook Inc. is extremely close to being able to join in the race for mobile payments, in which there are a rapidly growing number of participants, as it works to boost the availability of its electronic money services. The company is moving ever closer to receiving the approval they need to allow users to send and receive funds. At the time of the writing of this article, the Central Bank of Ireland had…

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Vodafone to launch mobile payments service in Europe

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M-Pesa to break into the European market this year, beginning in Romania Vodafone has announced that its M-Pesa mobile payments service will be launched in Romania, signifying the service’s first entry into the European market. M-Pesa has existed in Africa since 2007 and has done much to transform commerce in several African countries. The service is often praised for its convenient nature and the fact that it can be used on older mobile devices. The service is text-based, which means that it can be used by a wide range of…

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MoneyGram forms deal with Vodafone to promote mobile commerce

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MoneyGram teams with Vodafone to appeal to mobile consumers MoneyGram has announced its new partnership with Vodafone. Through this partnership, the two organizations aim to make it easier for consumers to conduct money transfers from their mobile devices. This is to be accomplished through the M-Pesa platform, which is owned by Vodafone. The platform has been used throughout Europe for various purposes ranging from bill paying to depositing funds into a bank account directly from a mobile device. Vodafone continues to find success in the mobile field with its various…

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Mobile banking helps to empower Tanzanian women

Tanzania mobile banking payments

The ability to exchange money and make payments with smartphones is placing power in the hands of women. The GSMA mWomen Programme is working in combination with Bankable Frontier Associates (BFA) and Visa Inc. in five different countries in order to help to better use mobile banking to reach women who are underserved and whose needs can be directly met by this technology and its associated products. The five countries include: Tanzania, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan and Kenya. The organization’s research has been providing a much more insightful understanding…

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