M-commerce explodes among wealthy consumers


Affluent shoppers are embracing the use of their smartphones for influencing purchases. Unity Marketing has released the results of their latest research, which has shown that over half of all affluent consumers use m-commerce for helping to making their purchasing decisions, including for making dinner reservations, travel bookings, and others. This is a massive increase over the same figure in 2011, which had been only 25 percent. This research will be very important for businesses that are targeting shoppers who are patrons of high end shops and brands. It shows…

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Walmart bases its social and mobile commerce in Bangalore

Walmart Pay app QR codes self checkout

The largest retailer in the world, Walmart, has announced that it will be establishing its technology hub for social and m-commerce in Bangalore, India. The Bangalore facility will be a part of its worldwide division for e-commerce and will develop technologies and business for social and m-commerce shoppers around the globe. It has also announced that it would be adding 100 new developers to its team to head and own projects and for e-commerce generation as well as m-commerce and social offerings growth for the worldwide marketplace. According to the…

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