M-commerce sales to double by 2025, reaching over $700 billion

M-commerce Sales Increase

An eMarketer study predicts that smartphone-based sales will continue their skyrocketing rate. Back in 2020, m-commerce sales took off by 41.4 percent, continued their growth last year and are expected to continue on that path throughout this year as well, according to a recently released eMarketer report. Mobile shopping was already rising fast but the pandemic spurred things on even faster. According to the report, m-commerce sales are expected to see another 15.2 percent growth rate this year, bringing them to the $359.3 billion by the close of 2022. The…

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M-commerce sales in April 2013 rose by 74 percent

mobile commerce trends

This was the achievement of 18 retailers from among the clients of Branding Brand. The latest report from Branding Brand, an m-commerce technology provider, is that among 18 of the company’s customers, they saw an increase in sales of 74 percent when compared to the year before. The results in April 2013 were considerably better than what was seen in April 2012. The company also reported that m-commerce made up 10.8 percent of the total online sales of these companies, bringing in $76 million in April 2012, but that this…

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M-commerce takes off without harm to in-person shopping

Mobile Shopping

The results of an m-commerce study have been released in the latest S.M.A.R.T report produced by Millenial Media, and have shown that by the close of 2011, mobile commerce had experienced a sudden and explosive growth, which is setting the stage for an important role among consumers and businesses in 2012. The report showed that there was a growth of 64 percent in m-commerce in November 2011 based on the month-over-month post-click action. At the same time, 68 percent of campaigns for telecom used mobile commerce as a post-click element…

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New report shows m-commerce sales to quadruple in 4 years

Mobile Commerce Growth

A new report by eMarketer is showing that by the year 2015, sales in mobile commerce will increase by four times. According to Jeffrey Grau, principal analyst for the firm, there is no doubt that m-commerce is growing exceptionally rapidly, and that the mobile channel itself behaves as an overall e-commerce growth engine, “by converting potential brick-and-mortar sales to digital sales as consumers use their smartphones while shopping in-store.” The report showed that m-commerce sales this year will reach the $6.8 billion mark, as approximately 26.8 million mobile device users…

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OverstockArt.com sees an almost 270 percent increase in m-commerce sales with new mobile site

Overstockart.com Mobile Site

OverstockArt.com has announced the results of its mobile commerce for the third quarter of 2011, following the soft launch of its mobile site in August and its official launch in September. The transactional website has been mobile optimized and has now been in operation for two months. It offers the user the company’s entire range of products and has already succeeded well beyond the initial predictions for its performance. So far, the results for the mobile site include: • An increase in mobile sales by 300 percent • A boost…

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