Mobile commerce is becoming a huge opportunity in South Africa

Mobile Commerce opportunity

Companies are beginning to see this market as holding a considerable amount of potential. In the mobile commerce environment, growth has been seen around the world at a considerable rate, but there are certain areas in the world where it is believed to hold a great deal more potential than others. Among those high potential regions, South Africa has now been grouped with other leaders. While the majority of the mobile commerce data is focused on more mature markets, for example, the United States, there is a surprisingly small amount…

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M-commerce is looking very promising for years to come


The latest data is showing that the future of the channel is looking quite bright and appealing. Mobile phones have become the most commonly used electronic devices on the planet, with a recent U.N. study showing that there is greater access to them around the world than there is to toilets, which is bad news for sanitation but quite promising for m-commerce. Predictions have shown that there are currently between 6 and 7 billion of the devices currently in use. While the U.N.’s study said that approximately 6 billion people…

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The beginning of H2, 2011 brings predictions for 2012 mobile trends

Mobile Commerce Statistics 2012

As the second half of 2011 begins, the top researchers in the mobile industry have started to release their predictions regarding the trends within the industry that will occur in 2012.   So far, the predictions have included the belief that commerce will be driven by mobile devices that year, Google and Apple will continue to vie for dominance of the industry, and daily life will become further influenced by mobile location services.  Senior analyst Nitesh Patel from Wireless Strategies has explained that m-commerce will skyrocket in its importance as a…

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