Mobile commerce grew 31 percent in 2013’s first quarter

mobile commerce growth

According to the latest IBM Online Retail Index, shopping with smartphones and tablets is growing fast. Driven primarily by shopping over tablets, mobile commerce sales rose by 31 percent in this year’s first quarter, as multi-channel buying has become one of the most popular ways to learn about and purchase products. At the same time, the same data indicated that retail sales in stores rose by 3.7 percent in that same time. These figures are from the latest IBM Online Retail Index, as well as from the U.S. Department of…

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Mobile commerce study shows massive growth

mobile commerce app popularity - zoompass example

A new study conducted in the United Kingdom has shown that the smartphone shopping trend is expanding rapidly. Mobile commerce is rapidly making its mark on the world and the results of the latest study conducted in the United Kingdom have suggested that if companies fail to accept this fact and keep up with the demands of technology, they could rapidly be left behind by their competition. The popularity of smartphones has made this channel available and used by a very rapidly growing consumer base. Gartner research has now shown…

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M-commerce affiliate network sees explosive performance

m-commerce growth

The company has broken records that had previously been set as it jumps past its millionth mobile sale. Affiliate Window, a network from the United Kingdom, has just announced that it has lined up for a highly successful year and has already broken records as a result of the impact of m-commerce. The network reported that it broke the million sale mark in March 2013, and that this shattered previous records. This m-commerce performance has kept it on track for the type of highly successful year that it was hoping…

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Mobile commerce environment shows ongoing strength

Mobile Commerce Trends

A new report has shown that this channel is rapidly on the grow, but mobile payment methods remain shaky. A new report released by Information Week which is called “Mobile Commerce: State of the Market” has revealed that the channel is continuing to grow with considerable strength and speed. The data used for the report was from a survey that was conducted with the participation of 500 company execs. It illustrated the strong and rapid growth being see in the mobile commerce ecosystem. For instance, among the executives from the…

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M-commerce statistics have increased this year

mobile commerce trends

A recent survey has shown that while the channel is on the rise, there are still barriers to be faced. The results of a recent study conducted by Stibo Systems in their 2013 Consumer Retail Survey have shown that the number of purchases made over m-commerce have increased by 19 percent within the last year. Over the last year, purchases made over smartphones have increased considerably, says the study. The research indicates that they increased from 40 percent to 59 percent within the 12 months prior to the study. At…

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