M-commerce is looking very promising for years to come


The latest data is showing that the future of the channel is looking quite bright and appealing. Mobile phones have become the most commonly used electronic devices on the planet, with a recent U.N. study showing that there is greater access to them around the world than there is to toilets, which is bad news for sanitation but quite promising for m-commerce. Predictions have shown that there are currently between 6 and 7 billion of the devices currently in use. While the U.N.’s study said that approximately 6 billion people…

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M-commerce remains a tremendous opportunity for American retailers and brands

mobile commerce trends

U.S. companies still have yet to come close to reaching the full potential of mobile shopping. New research has shown that even though m-commerce has received an enormous amount of hype, 41 percent of American shoppers have said that they’re not ready to use their tablets and smartphones for purchasing online products and services. This equates to approximately 103 million people in the United States. This could imply that there is nothing to m-commerce, but it is much more likely that there is huge potential for growth in this area.…

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