Mobile commerce picks up through apps in the first part of 2013

mobile commerce growth

New research has shown that the download of these applications has only picked up since the start of the year. Many people in the mobile commerce industry wondered whether the massive downloading trend that was experienced in the last quarter of 2014 would slow down or at least plateau with the start of the new year and the end of the holiday shopping season last year. The latest statistics are showing that the rate of growth hasn’t seen much of a slowing at all. Data that has been released by…

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Mcommerce purchases through apps make up less than 5 percent of online revenue

Mobile commerce shopping trends

A new report about the earnings from 2012 based on application use. If the results of a study published in a recent report are any indication, the expense related to mcommerce apps, which are becoming increasingly popular among retailers, may not be the best possible investment that these merchants can make as they take their first large steps into mobile. The study determined that these applications aren’t generating a large amount of revenue quite yet. The report was created and issued by Research 2 Guidance. It examined the data from…

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M-commerce trend for in-store apps is rapidly growing

m-commerce mobile apps

Mobile is playing an increasingly important role in shopping within brick and mortar locations. Though it has become very clear that m-commerce is growing in its importance among retail businesses, as many of the large players scramble to optimize their websites and provide apps that simplify the shopping experience, it is only now that trends are beginning to truly emerge. This is providing the type of guidance that businesses need to cater to what consumers expect of them. A mobile analytics company called Flurry has just released a report that…

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