QR codes find love with local business mobile marketers

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Mobile marketing platform, BestBuzz, uses dynamic QR codes in order to provide consumers with various types of rewards while generating hype about different brands using social media, making it a very successful choice for local businesses who used these promotions for this year’s Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day campaigns ran from January 30, right through to the end of February 14, and were designed to have consumers use their mobile devices and the BestBuzz mobile app to scan a special heart-shaped QR code. Scanning the “buzz code” gave the mobile…

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Mercedes A-Class uses QR codes for launch of 2013 model

*Sorry, its not in English but we think you’ll get the point! March will bring the unveiling of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class at the Motor Show in Geneva, following significant on-road testing covered in QR code patterns. This barcode paintjob was inspired by the Singapore Mercedes-Benz QR Code race, and is one of the elements of a sweepstakes to allow a winner to receive a trip for two to the model’s world premier. There will be a number of camouflaged hatchbacks from the 2012 A-Class that will be driving around in…

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The importance of maintaining the use of QR codes in marketing campaigns

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Though studies are showing that only a small percentage of Americans have actually used QR codes, many mobile marketing experts are warning companies not to give up on the technology just yet, and that they should seriously consider working them into their marketing strategies for this year. The fact is that while the majority of Americans may not have used the barcodes yet, it doesn’t mean that they won’t do so in the future. Furthermore, the actual potential for the use of the technology is practically limitless. Data from Forrester…

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How companies are unlocking the QR code return on investment

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North Little Rock, Arkansas printing firm CustomXM has been watching the increase in digital communication over the last few years and has developed an interest in QR codes as an important tool to bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds. Its CFO and president, Paul Strack, has said that they’d been keeping an eye on these two dimensional codes and has seen the tremendous potential they hold. Chief marketing officer Jason Pinto from interlinkOne, a marketing software provider from Boston, elaborated on the benefit of the codes, saying…

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Enterprise launches new QR code campaign to promote the new Mazda 6

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Acclaimed car rental agency Enterprise has begun adding QR codes to their vehicles to help promote the new Mazda 6 vehicles that have arrived in St. Louis, Minnesota. The new vehicles were added to Enterprise’s fleet late last week. The company has partnered with OnRamp, a wireless technology company, to execute their latest QR code campaign. The codes are featured on the windows of all new Mazda 6 models that have been inducted into Enterprise’s fleet as well as key tags. When scanned, the codes link smart phone users to…

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