Almost half of the United States has lost or damaged mobile phones

broken mobile phones

Approximately 49 percent of the country’s population have broken one of these devices or has had one go missing. The results of a new study from Verizon and KRC Research have revealed that Americans have broken or lost a total of approximately 230,685,172 mobile phones, and that nearly 49 percent of the population of the country had experienced these events. This means that about 1 in every 2 Americans has either broken a cell phone or has lost one. The report on the research also identified many of the ways…

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Mobile security provided by a simple password is vital in case of loss

Mobile Security threats

A recent study has shown that the odds of having a lost smartphone returned is only about 50/50. According to a recent mobile security experiment that was conducted in six different cities in Canada, the chances that a lost smartphone will be returned to its owner once it has been found by someone else are about 50/50. That said, the chances that lost mobile devices will be probed by finders are nearly 100 percent. Symantec, the massive online and mobile security software company, deliberately dropped 10 smartphones in Toronto, Vancouver,…

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