Snap shares value plummet after single Kylie Jenner tweet

snapchat app snap shares

All it took was one post and the social media influencer sent company’s market value down by $1.3 billion. Snap shares went into a freefall at the end of last week when Kylie Jenner tweeted that she hasn’t been using Snapchat recently. A brief mention of the lack of use of the application on the micro-blogging site and the bottom fell out of the company’s stock. Kylie Jenner is a critical social media influencer and her word can change the future of entire brands. When Jenner mentioned that she hadn’t…

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L’Oréal enters into wearable technology with UV exposure monitor

wearable technology man outside sun tablets

The “My UV Patch” is meant to help people to take better care of their skin in terms of sun exposure. L’Oréal has now unveiled its first step into wearable technology, which is in the form of a UV exposure monitor that is meant to be worn on the skin to provide the wearer with an idea of how much sunlight he or she is experiencing at any given time. The monitor is designed to look and feel just like a regular sticker, that will comfortably stay in place. This…

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L’Oreal launches mobile payments for instant purchases

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The company has announced the start of the drive that runs through a partnership with Powatag. L’Oreal USA has now entered into a new partnership with Powatag, for the purpose of giving consumers the chance to use their smartphones to make mobile payments and instantly complete m-commerce purchases through interactions with print and television advertisements, retail stores, e-commerce, and even social media. The Powatag app gives shoppers the ability to make a purchase whenever they want, with greater convenience. This mobile payments app makes it possible to make a purchase…

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