New York aims to use mobile payments to let consumers pay subway fares

New York Transit Mobile Ticketing

Consumers will be able to use their mobile devices to pay subway fares, eventually The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority has announced plans to embrace mobile payments in the future, allowing city residents to use their smartphones to pay for rides on the city’s subway network. The organization plans to install mobile systems throughout the subway network in order to accommodate the growing demand for mobile commerce. These systems will not be available any time soon, however, as the agency plans to fully embrace mobile commerce by 2021. Mobile commerce…

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TimeOut has plans for the mobile commerce space

mobile commerce payments smartphone shopping

TimeOut invests in Flypay in order to expand its mobile commerce interests TimeOut, a prominent media publisher, has found a new company that could become a “hyper local mobile commerce platform. The publisher has invested more than $7 million into Flypay, a mobile payments service that has become quite popular among consumers in London. The service operates as a pay-at-the-table platform that allows used to pay their bills at restaurants. Flypay suggests that it is able to allow users to pay their bills in less than one minute and is…

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Barclays brings mobile payments to London’s black cabs

London Cab mobile Payments

Black cabs in London will be able to accept mobile payments using the Pingit app Barclays, one of the largest financial service institutions in the United Kingdom, is bringing mobile payments to taxis in London. The city’s famed black cabs will now be able to accept payments from mobile devices using the Pingit application. Consumers with an account with Barclays can download the application and use it to make a payment by simply scanning a QR code. This process can be completed in less than 30 seconds. QR codes to…

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Monetizing Mobile conference in the UK highlights the impact of augmented reality on the world of marketing

AR Technology

The fourth annual Monetizing Mobile: Next Generation Search and Discovery event is being held in London, UK, this week. The event exhibits some of the most innovative developments in mobile technology and explores how these technologies can be used to engage consumers. As has been the trend with similar conferences in recent months, augmented reality is one of the primary focuses of this year’s convention. The technology has become one of the most promising developments to come to the mobile realm since smart phones were first introduced to the commercial…

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QR codes being put to use in the UK to help residents learn of impending road work

QR Codes Used for Traffic

As the UK continues to improve upon its roadways, the Hertfordshire County Council is looking to QR codes to help spread information regarding these efforts. In the UK, road work has acquired a degree of infamy. Residents have often criticized both the local and national government for not providing enough information on when or where road work will be occurring. These shortfalls in communication have led to many delays in traffic, especially in rural areas where there are no alternative routes to take to avoid road work. The Hertfordshire County…

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