London mobile commerce has gone underground

London mobile commerce train

Shoppers are enjoying spending their time on the Tube hunting for and purchasing products. Underground train commuters are now spending a rising amount of time shopping over London mobile commerce channels as they use this opportunity to research products, compare prices and buy what they need. A recent study by Pay by Bank, a mobile payments provider, showed m-commerce is hotter than ever. Pay by Bank has determined that 39 percent of Tube riders are also checking out London mobile commerce opportunities by browsing for products and services as well…

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NFC technology based system unveiled for the London Underground

NFC Technology in transportation - Mobile Payments London

As of mid-September, the Transport for London (TFL) will accept contactless payments on all lines. It has now been announced that, beginning on September 16, the TFL will be accepting payments through NFC technology for all London Underground, DLR, and Overground trains. This was announced as the EE mobile operator revealed its intentions to support near field communication payments on London Undergound. The NFC technology will make it possible for customers to simply tap their contactless payment card against the reader device in order to pay for their fares. This…

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NFC technology not sufficient for the London Underground

NFC Security

Transport for London shies away from NFC technology The London Underground is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the world. The Underground provides United Kingdom citizens with public transportation services that are often considered quick and efficient. With daily service in the realm of 3 million a day, Transport for London (TfL), the operators of the transportation system, constantly look for ways to make the Underground more efficient for travels. Recently, TfL has been experimenting with NFC technology in the hopes of accomplishing this goal. Technology not capable of…

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Steely Eye Digital Media shows 23% of London advertisements not mobile optimized

QR Code Scanning

QR Code scanning stats in London QR codes are becoming a common sight throughout the London transportation system. The codes often accompany large advertisements. The codes adorn billboards as well as posters found in the subway network and have been relatively successful among tech-savvy consumers. It has been difficult for marketers to encourage consumers to scan QR codes with their mobile devices lately. While there seems to be no shortage of smart phones capable of scanning the codes, consumers have shown little to no interest in using them. In London,…

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QR codes being put to use in the UK to help residents learn of impending road work

QR Codes Used for Traffic

As the UK continues to improve upon its roadways, the Hertfordshire County Council is looking to QR codes to help spread information regarding these efforts. In the UK, road work has acquired a degree of infamy. Residents have often criticized both the local and national government for not providing enough information on when or where road work will be occurring. These shortfalls in communication have led to many delays in traffic, especially in rural areas where there are no alternative routes to take to avoid road work. The Hertfordshire County…

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