QR codes and Bluetooth tech may play central role in London tourism strategy

Harrods London QR codes nfc technology

Conservative London mayoral hopeful, Tony Arbour, intends to use technology to draw visitors. London certainly isn’t hurting for tourist attractions, but Conservative London Assembly member Tony Arbour is hoping to make sure that Londoners and visitors, alike, will get to know some of the less well recognized locations throughout the city by using QR codes and other technologies. Although everyone knows about the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, there is much more there. There is a great deal more to see than the places for which the city is…

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QR codes give famous public statues a voice in London

qr codes stalking statue isaac newton

The quick response codes are being used along with NFC technology to help the statues to talk. London is known for its large number of public statues, and through the use of mobile devices in combination with QR codes and NFC technology, those pieces of art are now able to speak to the people who are viewing them. In a unique and rather entertaining project, some of these famous statues now have words to say. The project commissioned a number of well known writers to come up with the words…

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