Location based advertising drives response from vast majority of millennials

geolocation location based advertising

Eighty four percent of this highly influential generation will act on that type of notification. While location based advertising remains in its earliest stages, it is proving to be highly appealing to an important demographic. Recent research shows that millennials are responding to this type of ad notification. In fact, the study said 84 percent of millennials are more likely to respond to a brand as a result of geolocation ads. The research results were published in “Mobile Marketing Cookbook: Whip up the Best Push Notification Strategy”, a whitepaper by…

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Mobile marketing program featuring smartphone alerts launched by Hillshire Brands

mobile marketing geolocation

The Chicago based company has partnered with a marketer to launch a push advertising campaign. Hillshire Brands, out of Chicago, has now launched a brand new mobile marketing push that involves the use of push alerts for the users of favorite shopping and food apps. The company has rolled out the smartphone based ad campaign through a partnership with the inMarket firm. It has also been working with the BPN media buying agency. The result has been a mobile marketing campaign based on an in-store beacon program that alerts shoppers…

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