QR codes payment tech increasingly adopted by Japan to cater to Chinese tourism

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Japan is making an effort to adopt the preferred payment method of their most frequent visitors. Cashless payments are huge in China and now Japan is focusing on incorporating QR codes payment tech into more of its businesses that attract its growing number of Chinese tourists. This is a big step as currently most of the nation’s restaurants and operators of activities and attractions do not accept the preferred payments of Japan’s largest foreign tourist population. QR codes are quickly overtaking other payment options in Japan. Credit cards with computer…

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QR code payments slowly gain ground in Japan

QR Code Payments Japan - Tokyo City

The pace payment growth through quick response codes has been slow in Japan. QR code payments are steadily on the rise in the country, with the number of convenience stores, restaurants and other shops slowly adopting this convenient form of payment. Still, the pace of growth has certainly been slow, and part of this reason is due to commission fees. Stores who offer the payment method typically have to cover a 3% commission fee. Cash still remains the primary payment option in Japan, but major information technology firms are working…

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Naver to launch mobile payments service in South Korea

Mobile Payments adoption by women

New mobile payments service will be launching in South Korea this year Naver, the leading web portal operator in South Korea, has plans to launch its own mobile payments service in June of this year. The company has seen a great deal of promise in the mobile space, with this perspective coming from its subsidiary Line, a leading messaging service based in Japan. Naver notes that 30% of keyword searchers have to do with shopping, and many of these searches are coming from mobile devices. Naver Pay will allow consumers…

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Line and CyberSource partner to improve mobile payments

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Line has announced its strategic partnership with CyberSource in order to improve its position in the mobile commerce space Line, an Internet services and mobile application company based in Japan, has announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with CyberSource, a subsidiary of Visa. CyberSource specializes in payment management and fraud prevention services. The partnership is expected to improve Line’s new mobile payments platform, called Line Pay, and expand the reach of CyberSource’s technology. Together, the two companies may have a major impact on the mobile payments space. Partnership…

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Line to launch new mobile payments service

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Line announces plans to launch Line Pay in the near future Line, makers of one of the world’s most popular messaging applications, has announced plans to launch its new mobile payments service in the near future. Called Line Pay, the new service may change Line’s messaging application, adding more value to the app and making it possible for users to transfer money to one another and pay for products. Line is among the latest companies to try and transform its messaging app into a functioning mobile commerce platform. Messaging applications…

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