Long anticipated LG mobile payments solution launches in Korea

LG mobile payments

After having been first mentioned in November 2015, the electronics giant is finally getting started with consumers. The launch of the new LG mobile payments service hasn’t come as much of a surprise to many. The company first revealed its intentions to begin offering a mobile wallet back in November 2015. The initial rollout of the service finally occurred at the end of last week and is available exclusively in South Korea. The LG Pay service is available exclusively to Korean users of the LG flagship smartphone, the G6. Users…

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Mobile devices could see longer battery life with LG and Samsung tech

thread like battery for wearable technology mobile devices

The companies are looking into new materials that could double the capacity of current lithium-ion power packs. Samsung and LG Electronics have both issued announcements with regards to new battery technology for mobile devices that has been designed to extend the life of rechargeable gadgets. The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has created new materials that could make a meaningful difference. The Samsung announcement said that these new materials could potentially double the capacity that is currently available in lithium-ion batteries. At the same time, LG Electronics made an…

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Mobile technology patent licensing agreement signed between LG and Nokia

Nokia NFC mobile technology

The partnership involves a royalty based deal for the creation of a new smartphones that will be sold in the future. LG Electronics has now received Nokia’s approval to be able to use the latter company’s patented tech in exchange for royalties from the smartphones that are sold and that use that mobile technology. The patent license was granted from the Nokia Technologies licensing arm of the company. According to Ramzi Haidamus, the president of Nokia Technologies, “We are pleased to welcome LG Electronics to our licensing programme.” This makes…

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Mhealth app from LG receives FDA approval

mhealth mobile health

This mobile health application, which is called “LG Smarthealth” has now obtained its 510(k) clearance. LG Electronics, the tech company based in South Korea, has now received an FDA 510(k) clearance for an mhealth app that it has called the “LG Smarthealth”, which suggests that the company may finally be making its way into a space that where its rivals have already clearly been showing considerable interest. Samsung, for example, received a similar clearance for its S Health application back in 2013. Though the official LG website has not made…

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Fire Phone could rock the mobile technology world

Amazon Mobile technology App

Amazon smartphone causes concerns for some companies in the mobile space Amazon has released information concerning its new smartphone, called Fire Phone, and this new device may have Samsung and LG Electronics worried. The Fire Phone is equipped with a wide variety of features that have come to be expected in the mobile space, but it is also designed with online shopping in mind, unlike its counterparts. Because Amazon holds a commanding position in the e-commerce sector, the Fire Phone is well positioned to become a very popular mobile shopping…

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Gadgets release from LG includes the G Flex curved phone

mobile gadgets

This device takes into account that the traditional flat devices don’t follow the curve of their users’ heads. Samsung may be the manufacturer that has made the most noise regarding its curved gadgets, but it is certainly not alone in the marketplace, as LG has now unveiled its own version of this type of device. The new LG G Flex is considered to be a sleek and curved new version of a “phablet”. The phone and tablet crossover gadgets are drawing a tremendous amount of attention from the tech world.…

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Mobile security “kill switch” considered by device giants

mobile security for smartphone

Smartphone manufacturers are now thinking about adding this anti theft feature. As mobile security threats and device theft become an increasing problem, and many of the leading manufacturers of smartphones and tablets have started to consider the use of the controversial “kill switch” features. These companies are thinking about installing the kill switches to provide consumers with greater control over their devices. Among the companies that are purportedly thinking about kill switches for tablets and smartphones include LG Electronics Co., and Samsung Electronics Co. They would be added specifically as…

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Isis receives support from the top cell phone manufacturers

Mobile Payments

Isis near field communication (NFC) and technology standards have received confirmation that they will be implemented by LG, HTC, RIM, Motorola Mobility, Sony Ericsson, Samsung Mobile, and DeviceFidelity (manufacturer of MicroSD devices). Isis is a joint venture among T-Mobile USA, AT&T Mobility, and Verizon Wireless, to offer consumers who use smartphones the opportunity to use their mobile devices to make payments using those handsets. Moreover, Isis has announced that individuals who purchase smartphones (or who already own them) which have not been NFC enabled will soon be able to add…

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The A War…Apple vs. Android: A fight for first place

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

Android technology may be overtaking Apple by 2012. IT and technology experts who attended the Droidcon developers’ summit in Berlin last week, are confident that Android has what it takes to be the new number one. Android is the open source software developed by Google. In the last three years Apple has sold more than 85 million iPhones and iPod touch devices. Statistics from late 2010 show that Google’s Android phones rose in sales so rapidly, they outsold Apple handsets for the first time on record. Google’s phones made up…

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