Cost of mobile commerce fraud is on the rise

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Fraud is becoming a major problem for the mobile commerce industry The impact of fraud in the mobile commerce world is growing. According to a new study released by LexisNexis, fraud is becoming a major problem that those invested in mobile commerce may have to take steps to address. The study shows that the cost of fraud is beginning to escalate, which could lead to serious problems for merchants and consumers that are actively involved in the mobile commerce space. If fraud continues to grow, it may also attract the…

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Report highlights mobile security for merchants

Mobile marketing cyber Security

Retailers are taking mobile security more seriously as commerce continues to change As retailers become more interested in mobile commerce, they are also beginning to become more interested in the matter of mobile security. The mobile sector has become a popular place for fraudulent activity and such activities could be having a significant financial impact on businesses and consumers alike. LexisNexis has released a new report that focuses on the impact of fraud and sheds some light on how fraud is growing throughout the retail sector. Merchants are being exposed…

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Mcommerce companies continually threatened by fraud

mcommerce mobile security

Although mobile commerce offers a tremendous opportunity for revenue generation, these threats are cutting into the bottom line. According to the results of a recent study that was conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research and LexisNexis, retailers are still hopeful to be able to generate revenue over the mcommerce channel, but they are struggling with fraud threats that run risks of $283 for every $100 that is actually lost to fraud over mobile. The study’s findings are showing that there is rapid growth being experienced over this channel. There is…

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