LevelUp follows an example left by Starbucks concerning mobile payments and businesses

LevelUp Mobile Payments with QR Codes

LevelUp, a mobile payment platform for smart phones and other mobile devices, has re-launched one of its most popular services. The service was once built to track deals and bargains offered by local retailers in any given area. LevelUp chose to discontinue the service because it did not mesh well with the platform at the time. Now, however, the company has taken a new approach to developing a new system, one that is based loosely on a model being used by Starbucks. Starbucks’ mobile payment system uses an app that…

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LevelUp partners with T-Mobile to boost mobile payments

Mobile Commerce Industry

Though mobile payments are already starting to make their way into the in-person retail sphere, many do not yet have the smartphones required to implement the technology, so LevelUp and T-Mobile are working together to provide these devices for a monthly fee. The mainstream is beginning to take notice of the introduction of Google Wallet and other mobile payment services, and it’s becoming more common for people to understand that there are some retailers who will allow them to pay for their purchases by simply waving their mobile phone at…

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LevelUp announces new Times Square free pizza promotion for smartphone users on New Year’s Eve

Mobile Payments

Mobile payment company, LevelUp, has announced the launch of its first brand partner on a national level, Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen (Villa FIK), and it will be kicking off this partnership by offering free pizza to smartphone users at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. The promotion will allow smartphone owners to use their devices to receive free food worth up to $10, including pizza, Stromboli, pasta, salads, and other options available at Villa FIK. This will demonstrate the mobile payment technique to the device users by providing them with…

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LevelUp goes coast-to-coast for loyalty and mobile payments

Mobile Shopping

LevelUp has announced that it will be providing service to twice as many cities, making it available to customers across the country, in addition to the release of a new Android and iPhone app. LevelUp is a mobile solution that combines loyalty and rewards programs with payments solutions in a single seamless system for use by consumers and merchants. This means that users will be able to purchase products and services with their mobile devices, while collecting rewards and loyalty benefits through merchant programs. The LevelUp system debuted in March…

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