Will a lukewarm smartwatch extinguish Google Glass?

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With rumors flying about the next wearable technology from the tech giant, great care will be needed. As wearable technology defines itself as the hottest new tech trend, and smartwatch options explode at the top of that category, Google may want to be careful with the decisions that it makes in its upcoming releases to ensure that it doesn’t end up sabotaging its previous efforts, such as Google Glass. Rumors are flying about the giant’s entry into this new element of the wearable devices space. It has already been suggested…

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Technology news from Apple shows smart watch charger testing

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Alternative techniques are being tried, including solar as well as magnetic induction. Although smart watches have been making technology news for a while now and are becoming an increasingly important trend among mobile devices, one of the primary struggles that the industry is still trying to overcome is that of battery power. Even though new charging methods isn’t one of the primary Silicon Valley fads, Apple is keeping it up. According to the latest technology news reports, Apple remains one of the major companies that continues to work on new…

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