Retailer leverages QR codes to drive customer traffic and loyalty

Express QR Code Campaign

As QR codes continue their dominance of the mobile marketing industry, more retailers are looking to implement the codes in their own marketing efforts. Express, a fashion retailer based in New York, has adopted the codes in order to attract consumers to various store locations throughout the country. The codes are also being used to promote the company’s fall clothing line. QR codes have been used extensively for similar purposes by other companies, giving Express valuable examples of successes and failures in their given industry. The codes will be featured…

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QR codes used to remember the deceased in Washington

QR Codes on headstones

QR codes have acclimated well into their role as the advertising tool that has come to define mobile marketing. However, few use the codes beyond the purposes of marketing. This lack of diversity fosters the notion that the codes are only good for a single purpose. Like most mobile technologies, the codes are versatile and able to adapt to a number of uses. Recently, QR codes have been appearing in places that few people like to dwell: Graveyards. Quiring Monuments, a company in Seattle, Washington, that offers custom QR codes…

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Lifespire brings QR codes to a new age medical bracelet

QR Code Medical Bracelet

Lifespire, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps developmentally disabled persons achieve their goals, has been developing a new version of the Code Amber Medic Altertags, a modernized medical bracelet. The tags are not actually pieces of jewelry like their predecessors; these are similar to small, plastic cards often seen adorning key chains. The new tags will feature a prominent QR code, which Lifespire hopes will be used by emergency personnel to retrieve medical information for those in need as quickly as possible. Mobile technology has been serving emergency medical technicians…

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Toyota introduces ToyoTag QR codes

Toyota mobile payments

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A has announced that it will be including quick response (QR) codes into its marketing mix, to allow mobile phone-using customers to obtain instant access to vehicle quotes, promotions, safety tips, videos, and other tools, information, and features. Calling the 2D barcodes the ToyoTag, customers of the major car manufacturer can capture the image of the logo within a ring in order to obtain content related to the company and its products. The feature works with both standard mobile phones and smartphones alike. The SnapTag reader can…

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QR codes allowing consumers to find more information on the food they enjoy

Mobile Marketing Coffee Industry

More food companies are beginning to make use of QR codes. The maze-like patterns are fast becoming one of the primary methods of information distribution amongst businesses both big and small. In the world of food, this translates into a particular benefit for consumers, as mobile technology opens up new avenues for knowledge. With quick access to such information as where their food is coming from and how it is being produces, consumers are able to keep up with the practices of their favored producers. Though grocers have been wading…

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