Google may be working on a new augmented reality product called “Goggles”

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Google has been working on developing new augmented reality eyeglasses that could change the way people see the world. Little is known about the technology company’s efforts, but 9to5Google, a company specializing in all things Google, claims that the new development will be markedly different from augmented reality headsets of the past. According to the company, Google’s new glasses will be lightweight and product that has a plethora of built-in features. Dubbed Google Goggles, the eyeglasses are expected to make use of augmented reality technology. Wearers will be able to…

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Nokia adopts augmented reality for new navigation app

Nokia Headquaters

Nokia has begun upgrading its location-based services to better incorporate augmented reality technology. The telecommunications company has plans to synchronize these services with its latest augmented reality application that will come pre-equipped on new Nokia smart phones. Nokia has taken a greater interest in new mobile technologies, such as NFC technology, in order to enhance their services to customers. With augmented reality becoming more popular in the mobile industry, the adoption of the technology seemed inevitable. The company is currently collecting geographic information from 196 countries around the world. Some…

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QR Codes and Mobile Marketing Trends

QR codes have been around for decades now. They were first developed in the mid-80’s by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, to keep track of inventory. Smart phones were non-existent in that era, so usefulness of the codes was limited. As smart phones and other mobile devices rose to prominence, the codes became a popular tool for marketers to connect with consumers. In Japan, the codes are now used extensively for just about everything. Marketers around the world agree that QR codes are the next step in mobile advertising.…

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