Lowes introduces iPhone app to boost its m-commerce strategy

Lowes Mobile App

Lowe’s, the home improvement chain, has decided to use a new iPhone app to help to boost the foot traffic to its locations by helping consumers to shop and compare products, and design their home projects. Customers are now able to use the iPhone app to look through the inventory offered at Lowe’s and shop for what they want. They can obtain this free app from the Apple App Store. According to Lowe’s, the company is the second-largest retailer for home improvement products in the world. It has 1,775 locations…

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Five Guys burger chain boosts sales with new app

Five Guys Bacon Burger

The Five Guys Burgers & Fries chain is boosting its mobile experience through an app designed for iPhone that allows customers to order their meals without having to wait in line, through the simple use of their mobile devices. Five Guys had already released an Android version of this app back in March 2011. This latest app is designed specifically for iPhone users and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. According to project manager Steve Teller from Five Guys in Washington, they already had intentions of…

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Augmented reality app replaces ads in New York City with art

New AR App for Phones

New York City has always boasted of a robust art scene. Ambitious artists from all over the world often travel to the city to make a name for themselves in one of the most influential places on the planet. However, it can be difficult to display art in the city, as most of the space available is monopolized by advertisements. Given that street art is often considered a form of vandalism, the Public Ad Campaign, an anti-ad group of artists, have developed a new mobile app that allows artists to…

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