Head-mounted augmented reality device aimed at fieldworkers to launch in Japan

NEC Headquarters Tokyo

NEC, a prestigious Japanese technology company, has launched a new headset that seeks to provide a new layer of information to fieldworkers. The device, called TeleScouter, is a lightweight pair of eye glasses that are connected to a compact computer that can fit into a person’s back pocket or worn on their belt. The glasses themselves are equipped with another device that paints the lenses with transparent digital imagery using augmented reality technology. NEC believes that the headset will help fieldworkers be more efficient in their duties as the device…

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Augmented reality computing takes a leap forward with the Iris tablet PC


As augmented reality begins to become more defined, focus is shifting aware from the software and towards the hardware. AR technology is nothing new, but its use has been limited in the past due to the fact that most computer systems could not handle the high demands of the technology. Now, however, more designers and engineers are creating devices capable of utilizing augmented reality to its full potential. AR may be poised for a major leap forward with a new device that is reminiscent to what would be seen in…

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2012 Mobile World Congress to focus on mobile marketing

2012 Mobile World Congress

The GSMA mobile operators association has just announced that the Mobile World Congress of 2012 will be focusing on mobile marketing for the first time ever in this annual technology event. The Mobile World Congress is held in February in Barcelona, drawing technology industry leaders and enthusiasts by the tens of thousands to gain insight on the latest in gizmos, devices, techniques, news, and predictions within the mobile industry. The industry overall considers the Mobile World Congress to be one of the most important global events for the latest in…

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Occipital looks to usher in a new generation of augmented reality

RedLaser Barcode Scanner App

Occipital, an ambitious computer software company based in California, has recently finished their latest phase of fundraising efforts, netting more than $7 million in funding that will be used for the development of next-generation augmented reality technology. The company is well known for their RedLaser barcode scanning app, which was released last year. Occipital is expanding its repertoire into augmented reality, believing that the technology is the next step in the evolution of computer technology. Occipital’s next venture will be based upon their 360 Panorama app, which captures panoramic images…

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