QR codes could be dethroned with image recognition software, if marketers are willing to turn their backs

QR Codes check in

QR codes have become popular tools for advertisers and are beginning to find favor with consumers, but not everyone is happy with the black and white, blocky barcodes. Herbert Bay, owner of Swiss technology company Kooaba, believes that the codes have no place in the world of technology. Bay’s company has been working on a number of image recognition programs over the past six years. The apps are meant to bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds, and the company has released a new program that may serve…

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MasterCard launches pilot project of new mobile payment platform called QkR

MasterCard has begun rolling out its new mobile wallet application for smart phones called QkR. The credit company has been working to establish itself in the emerging industry of mobile commerce. Competitors have been releasing their mobile wallets at a quick pace, but MasterCard has taken the time to ensure that its application is up to snuff with consumer needs. Unlike other mobile wallets, the QkR platform will not focus solely on NFC technology; it will also use QR codes as a form of mobile payment. The credit company has…

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Retalix Ltd. releases Mobile Shopper app set to bring consumers and retailers together

Mobile Shopping

Leading provider of innovative retailer services and software worldwide, Retalix, has just announced the release of its Retalix 10 Mobile Shopper, which is a new mobile app set that allows consumers to find and interact with their favorite stores and mobile retailer environments. This set of applications provides consumers with the ability to manage their wish lists and purchases while they’re in the store or at any other time, to find the nearest locations of a store, to obtain special offers, to find information and prices of available items, to…

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Best Buy uses a geo-targeted mobile promotion to bring more consumers through its doors

Best Buy Geotargeting

Best Buy has been running a new form of geo-targeted ad within the iPhone app by Pandora, to help users to locate the nearest store. According to a mobile marketing consultant from Boston named Wilson Kerr, “Delivering a mobile call to action when a consumer is close to a location is very smart.” Kerr said that consumers with mobile devices who are traveling near one of the store’s locations are more capable of acting on one of these messages and heading to a store where they can make a purchase.…

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Fox uses QR codes for virtual store movie marketing in the United Kingdom

QR Code Virtual Store

Twentieth Century Fox has announced the launch of its new “virtual store” which will use QR codes and other mobile techniques in order to sell movies to UK consumers through the use of their smartphones. The marketing campaign for the virtual store includes bus shelter ads in large cities which feature QR codes alongside the movie titles that are available for purchase in the virtual store. When a smartphone user scans the 2 dimensional code, it launches the HMV retail page specific to the movie product associated with the code.…

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AR has promise but consumers are slow to warm to the technology

Augmented Reality Marketing

The global reception of augmented reality mobile apps has fallen short of expectations, according to Juniper Research, a renowned marketing and technology research firm. The industry may still be in its infancy, but many big-name companies have backed AR technology as a new way to engage consumers. According to researchers, this may be due to the relatively low level of understanding from both companies and consumers regarding how augmented reality works. Windsor Holden, a principal analyst with Juniper Research, points out that the capabilities of augmented reality far surpass those…

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Mobile trends take hold of Canada’s businesses

Canadian Mobile payments

Mobile marketing has been creating a big buzz in Canada recently. This after a growing number of companies have come to realize the potential of this marketing strategy in boosting their sales regardless of their business genre. With the ever growing popularity of mobile gadgets like the latest models and trends of mobile phones and iPhone and smartphones, more and more people are most likely to access all needed information from their mobile gadgets. This also paves the way for mobile marketing to take center stage in Canada’s business environment.…

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Your next interior designer might just be your phone

AR Mobile App

Augmented reality can be used for more than marketing or games. OverstockArt.com, a website that sells museum quality, hand painted canvas art, has released a new mobile application for the iPhone and iPod which uses augmented reality to help shoppers envision art on their walls at home. The company is looking to enhance customer’s experience and help them make informed purchasing decisions by allowing them to take art for a “test run” via the application. The application allows smart phone users to browse through art and then superimpose their favorite…

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QR Codes…a mobile shopper’s international language

Brookstone, one of the largest specialty retailers in the country, have announced that they will be using QR codes in their New York-area stores. The retailer has high hopes that the codes will help facilitate a more personal relationship with shoppers as they look to provide them with a bevy of digital content. The codes can be found in 30 stores throughout New York state and New Jersey, including locations at the JFK Airport and Brookstone’s Rockefeller Center. When shoppers find the codes they can scan them with their smart…

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