Microsoft announces a new series of CRM mobile apps

Microsoft mobile secrurity Outlook app

Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a number of new mobile apps designed for its CRM software, taking aim at clients such as Windows Phone 7, Android 2.2 and higher, iOS, and BlackBerry. It has scheduled this release for 2012’s second quarter, as an element of the regular customer relationship management (CRM) service update from Microsoft, which will also expand on the browser support that already exists through Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and will function on Windows PCs, as well as Macs and iPads. According to…

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The last week of 2011 saw over 1 billion Apple and Android app downloads

Mobile App Statistics

In 2011’s last week, the year was brought to a close with a record breaking number of app downloads on both Android and iOS mobile devices. According to a new Flurry study, the number of downloads for mobile devices on those operating systems was over 1.2 billion. Until that last week of 2011, the top week for downloads had seen 857 million apps downloaded. However, in that last week, from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day, there was a growth in the number of downloads by about 60 percent when…

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Slovakian startup uses QR codes to help people learn new languages

Lingibli Mobile App

Learning a new language can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to pick up a foreign tongue for those with complicated schedules. In an effort to make the learning process as simple as possible, Slovakian startup Lingibli has adopted QR codes for their new service. The company seeks to teach people the fundamentals of language using only 100 words from that language. Using QR codes, smart phone users will get an immersive lesson in whatever language they choose to learn. Immersion is widely considered amongst linguists to be…

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Why businesses are choosing mobile apps as their marketing future

Mobile App Builder

Mobile apps have become quite commonplace today, as businesses and brands race to release new offerings to their consumers. This is not just an attempt by companies to get in on a popular fad, but it is – according to experts – establishing a solid foundation for a trend that is likely to grow as a critical part of any mobile marketing mix. In fact, by 2014, many experts believe that there will be approximately 33 billion mobile apps available from different companies. At the same time, by 2012, the…

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