Researchers at the University of Tokyo build a gesture-powered computer

Invoked Computing

A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo has developed a new way to use augmented reality in what they are calling a major advancement in human computer interaction. The concept behind the development – which is titled Invoked Computing – is that any physical object can be paired with a computer interface and turned into a communication device or several other tools that may be useful. This is accomplished using augmented reality technology. While the technology is most commonly known for its penchant for digital imaging, researchers say…

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Head-mounted augmented reality device aimed at fieldworkers to launch in Japan

NEC Headquarters Tokyo

NEC, a prestigious Japanese technology company, has launched a new headset that seeks to provide a new layer of information to fieldworkers. The device, called TeleScouter, is a lightweight pair of eye glasses that are connected to a compact computer that can fit into a person’s back pocket or worn on their belt. The glasses themselves are equipped with another device that paints the lenses with transparent digital imagery using augmented reality technology. NEC believes that the headset will help fieldworkers be more efficient in their duties as the device…

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How augmented reality is being used to find a cure for cancer

Scripps Research Institute in California

Augmented reality is commonly associated with games, marketing or science fiction, but the technology is becoming invaluable to scientists looking for a way to beat cancer. The technology’s penchant for 3D imaging allows scientists to interact with large-scale models of molecules and chemicals in a way they have never done before. Art Olsen, a professor of chemistry at the Scripps Research Institute in California, is using augmented reality to see how new drugs are interacting with molecules as a way to determine their effectiveness when fighting the disease. Olsen, along…

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Augmented reality helmet could set the standard for more practical uses of the technology

Augmented Reality Video1

Augmented reality continues to generate a fair amount of buzz for its uses in entertainment and advertising, but the practical uses of the technology are beginning to garner more attention. Scientists and electronic engineers have long theorized that the technology could be used to restore sight to the blind or help people with sensory disabilities experience the world in a new way. Tackling such problems is a lofty goal, however, and some believe that more can be learned by utilizing the technology to solve more mundane problems. Maxence Parache, a…

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Augmented reality is getting more attention for its practical applications as design firm develops a Touch Vision Interface

Touch Vision Augmented Reality Video

As augmented reality continues to become more advanced, much of the attention surrounding the technology is focused on its uses for entertainment and marketing. Many of the ways the technology has been used in recent times has branded it as novelty, along the same lines as 3D in the film industry. However, Teehan+Lax, an interactive design firm, is working to reverse the unjust branding of augmented reality technology. The company has developed a new software suite dubbed Touch Vision Interface that may bring a new dimension to augmented reality. The…

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