Layar Vision takes AR browsing to the next level by allowing users to transform their environments

Layar AR Browser

Layar, one of the largest augmented reality browsing platforms in the world, has released a new application that will expand the use of augmented reality. AR has been steadily gaining popularity for its ability to create dynamic experience for mobile users. The technology has, thus far, been used primarily for marketing, but Layar has opened up a new venue for the technology in the form of AR browsing. The new product, called Layar Vision, will expand upon the foundation laid by the original Layar platform. The original Layar platform can…

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Augmented reality app replaces ads in New York City with art

New AR App for Phones

New York City has always boasted of a robust art scene. Ambitious artists from all over the world often travel to the city to make a name for themselves in one of the most influential places on the planet. However, it can be difficult to display art in the city, as most of the space available is monopolized by advertisements. Given that street art is often considered a form of vandalism, the Public Ad Campaign, an anti-ad group of artists, have developed a new mobile app that allows artists to…

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AR’s role in tomorrow’s mobile market

Future of Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented reality may not be all it’s cracked up to be, according to Alex Makarov, head of development at SHAPE Services, a developer of mobile applications for iOS. The expectations surround augmented reality seem to be quite high. This should come as no surprise as several tech companies boasted that society would be fully immersed in virtual environments by now. Marketing campaigns and YouTube videos have not placated these expectations, as they often paint the technology in a favorable light. And so, society waits on the edge of its seat…

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