Echo Dot Kids launches with parental controls and bright color options

Echo Dot Kids - Parental Controls - Internet

Amazon has released its Internet of Things (IoT) speaker meant just for children at home. For fans of their Amazon Echos, there’s good news for their children as Echo Dot Kids is now available. Amazon has now released a variation of the smart speaker designed with parental controls. The outer casings are available in any of a range of different colors. This is meant to bring kids into the Alexa mix, which is fun for children and great for Amazon. After all, what better way for Amazon to secure itself…

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Mobile commerce merchants are moving away from Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Mcommerce

Now many wonder if the will be able to continue long into the future. The latest in mobile commerce in terms of the devices that are leading the way, is that the number of retailers that are selling the Kindle Fire tablet in their bricks and mortar shops is beginning to wither. This could prove detrimental to the holiday shopping season when buyers will be looking to mobile. The most recent among several mass merchants to abandon the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon, was Walmart. The reason for this trend…

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Apple may become the top vendor of PCs in the world with iPad

Mobile Commerce Industry

Canalys research has suggested that with iPad 3, Apple will probably take Hewlett-Packard’s spot as the top manufacturer of PCs before the end of the second quarter in 2012. Apple currently holds the second spot as a PC vendor worldwide and has experienced a leap in its market share from 9 percent to 15 percent in only a year’s time. This jump is credited greatly to a significant demand for its iPad tablet product, which is considered to be a computer by Canalys. Equally, though, iPad shipments in the United…

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